30 March 2009

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29 March 2009

{ Blog Lift }

Paper Ink-pressions has under gone a temporary blog lift!

Whilst traveling the streets of Bloggyland, Lindsay of L. Miller Designs
sense of style held appeal for me through her use of...

exhilerating combination of color
textured {side} borders
elegantly simple post signature
stylized blog button
organized tabs for a clutter free professional appearance.

Lindsay's 2nd blog The Miller Experience held appeal for me through
her use of...

vibrant combination of color
wallpaper of black medallions over-lapping top & bottom
of blog background with thin black frame containing blog header and blog post within...
classy sophisticate!

Lindsay's 3rd blog, Bella Bleu appealed to me through her use of...

detailed coloration of {side} borders
post icon with shadow detail
colored blog header with color details
four-sided frame containing blog header and post

Lindsay's in the process of designing an elegant classy sophisticated
"blog lift" to Paper Ink-Pressions!
Hopeful our new blog lift will inspire the creativity to flow again.

Thank-you, Lindsay for embracing the challenge!

03 March 2009

{ Not Upto Snuff }

Awoke this morning feeling quite miserable with a doozy of a head cold...
Gathered a few necessities to get me back on my feet.
Hubby offered to assist me by playing Mr. Mom and candy striper for the day.
No... I assured him I'd find my muster and rally. After driving Sophie to school, re-arranging my schedule... I was off to the couch for a bit of r and r.

Ever so much to do! Suppose the germ-O's could care less...
I've been creative with my paper, ink and stamps.
it will have to await another day to be shared.
Smiley from millan.net
Appreciate your checkin' in on me
... however be sure to keep your distance

{ air hugs }

02 March 2009

{ Daybook 5 }

For today...
02 - March - '09
22 degrees

Outside my window...
a peaceful snow storm
... mounds and mounds of soft flaky stuff.

I am thinking...
of all the things needing my attention...
chinese laundry
kp duty
bathroom detail
creating a b'day card & gift container
& the list goes on & on...
if u no what I mean.

I am thankful for...
a snowday

From the kitchen...

scrambled eggs
a slab of thick cut bacon
slice of toast slathered in
with a serving of Oj
{ smells divine }

I am wearing...
the usual garb required for putsing around.

I am creating...
huge mess on the kitchen table

I am going...
to accomplish more than yesterday on my "ta-da" list!

I am hearing...
snow plows going by
the familiar noise of the wood pellet stove
dd singing while performing usual AM chores

Around the house...
there's never a lack of things to be done
... know what I mean?!

One of my favorite things...
scurrying around Bloggyland to view others creative side,
kitchen inspiration
- or -
... everyday happenings.

A photo shared...
you've seen what's cookin' from the kitchen
...help yourself!
{ smile }
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