18 February 2007

Adding To Our Family...

Not sure where to start my little story...

This past fall we lost our eighteen year old kittie Cotty (Cotton, Dave's cat) to old age. Two years previous... the day before Thanksgiving her sister, Patches (Verbal, my cat) passed away. We had our cats for almost as long as we had been together. We referred to our home as the "Cotton Patch!"

After the devastation of our loss... I told my Mom that the next kitten had to be a Manx! A Manx cat can have less than a three inch tail or no tail at all. Now mind you... these are rare to find and very expensive. Sort of like finding a needle in a haystack... what were our odds?! We realized our daughter Sophie needed another pet, but one that would be around for quite awhile. I just don't deal well with the loss of animals. Your talking about a woman that had our hamster (snowflake) euthanized to the tune of thirty dollars and left the vet's in tears! *wink* Anywho... Mimi (my Mom) was like a woman on a mission. The next thing I knew my Mom (aka the bloodhound) was calling me letting me know that she was in the supermarket this morning doing her shopping when she came across a woman, that knew another woman that had two female cats that were pregnant by Manx males. Don't ask... it's just too complicated to explain... *rolling eyes*

The first litter that was born, held only one Manx kitten, which was spoken for by a woman in Maine. We had the pick of any and all Manx kittens in the next litter to be born December 28th... well this is the little female you see in the photograph! *wink* My Mom and I snapped this photograph while visiting yesterday. Ms. Spencer informed us that the kittens would be ready for their new homes this Thursday... I was told not until March 1st?! Mom and I raced from Warren to the Capital City to Pet Smart for all the things that a kitten might need... let's just say it was an incredibly expensive trip! *wink* We don't have any names in mind, so if you don't mind leaving a comment to this post with any and all name suggestions for us to consider... would be greatly welcomed! Our kitten is a grey tiger female, only brown patch is on her nose and she literally has only a fur blob as her tail! I forgot to mention that she is double pawed in the front. I'm writing this post in secret as our daughter has no idea that she is about to receive a new kitty next Saturday! *wink* I'm truly bouncin' with excitement and can't wait to see our daughter's face light-up when she meets our new family member!

*please be sure to post us a name comment... I wouldn't ask if we didn't really need your help... our new family member requires a special name!

Thank-you Ms. Spencer for generously giving our daughter Sophie this lovely lil' kitten in lieu of our loss. To learn more about the Manx breed click here. *wink*

I look forward to our next visit. Until then...


Melanie said...

WHAT AN ADORABLE KITTY!! :) Personally, I think with all the reading Sophie has been doing, she ought to name it after one of her favorite characters!!

I can't wait for the 'big day'!!

Love ya, Me.

Lynette said...

Too cute! Sophie is going to love her, as will you and Dave. How about calling her "Minx"?

Michelle D. said...

Oh my, what sweet, sweet little face! I too agree that Sophie will be able choose the perfect name quickly after she meets the newest addition to your family. I can't wait to hear all about it, and I'm sure we would all love to see a picture of the two of them together soon after they meet Ü.

Rochelle W said...

I had a cat when I was 13. she was the runt of the litter and got to be about 25 pounds. Runt, yeah right! I loved her. She lived 23 years. So it was sad when she passed. ok, are you ready for her name. You better sit down because it is a long one.
"Motsie, eeksie, waddles, van coden caden, piddles, poda-fax the third. LOL We just called her motsie for short. She was an orange tabby cat.

scrappersister said...

Hi Anne,

You have been busy. I *love* the new liitle Manx kitten that your daughter will be getting on Saturday. Like you, I had 2 cats that I lost from old age. One of them was a Manx. He was all black with the exception of a white bib in front, his paws and a little on his face. He was my baby. I loved that cat to peices. He had a personality that of a person not a cat. :) I had him for 12 years.His name was Charlie. My daughters Cat was pure white but just a regular cat. Her name was Cuddles. She named it. :) I wish that I could leave a suggestion for a name for your new kitten but the only name that comes to mind is Precious. Lucky for you to have found a Manx.


asela said...

What a cute kitten. I'm a dog person, but do thinks cats are cute. How about Lily. ( She kinda reminds me of Lily Munster...oh don't ask...lol)

Melanie said...

OK..... here's my list: :)
Dehlila (sp)
Radar (If she were a he!Those Ears!)
"Swimming Pool" (Ask Anne, there's a story here!)

Ok.... there's quite a list for you to digest!! LOL :) Let me know if you want any more help!! :)
Love ya! ME