27 April 2007

E-A-R-T-H Our Home...

This week AES is on spring break. Monday was a gorgeous day that reached a high of 87 degrees. Sophie and I did a little shopping in the morning and soaked up the sun by afternoon with a nice walk.

Tuesday brought a us a little cooler weather, but still very nice for walking to our local PO. We decided to grab a large trash liner (should've grabbed 2) to take with, for picking up roadside trash. *insert sad face* It's amazing how people "don't" think prior to tossing something out their car window!? Things like cordless handset, colander, ball of waded duct tape to name a few!? Sophie wanted to know why people just couldn't wait (like our family) to empty their cars upon arrival to their destinations?! Very good question... I guess they don't care if "our home" EARTH is dirty and nasty looking?! Would you throw trash all over your house and yards? We all share a responsibility somehow, someway for this global warming we're experiencing all over the EARTH! Instead of everyone pointing fingers it would be better for the world's scientists to band together and educate our world's people that you can't keep a home when you choose not to do maintenance, but this should be "common sense" to everyone?! A homeowner fixes the leaky pipes, roof, etc... Cause and effect... doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this one out!

As a family we've decided that EARTH DAY isn't just April 22nd, yet EVERYDAY for our family. No we're not radicals... we just want to do our part and take pride in caring for "our home!" I've heard it said that it only takes 30 days to form a "new habit," so what do you say?! *wink* Some of the things we've chosen to do are changing out our lightbulbs from the incandescent to energy saver florescent. Regular maintenance of our vehicles. Recycle our plastics, aluminum and glass. Use canvas or recycled bags for groceries and other shopping (some places will give you upwards of 3 to 5 cents off your bill per bag). Organize our trips for water, shopping, extra curricular to one day if possible when in that area to conserve on gas and polluntants in our atmosphere. If you have a great conservation idea we'd love to hear it and even adopt it as one of our own! *wink* Remember this is our weblog to post our perspectives and reflect.

Without further a do... Sophie and I chose an EARTH or "recycle" fun & friendly face-off between mother and daughter! Our challenge included a limited supply. Sophie came up with a wonderful idea of "Queen Earth," which is precisely how we should treat our EARTH... as a queen! I came up with "our home!" I have to admit that I have zero artist capabilities, so the tag looking thing (with embossed swirls) with bread tag (our home) as it's door resembles a house! *wink* This little project of ours was fun and interactive as mother and daughter... not to mention benefiting our EARTH!
I look forward to our next visit. Until then...


Lynette said...

What a great card Sophie - awesome! I love your "queen earth" idea. You did such a super job - keep up the good work! Oh, and your mom's card is OK, too :-)


Just kidding, Anne. Your card is fantastic, too!

mimihas5 said...

Oh Anne, your card is beautiful! I love every thing about it!

Sophie, your card is also very beautiful and I love that you came up with the idea of Queen earth. I really like how you came up with a crown over the erath on your card. You are a terrific designer just like your mom. :)

I think what the both of you have done in honnor of Earth Day is great!


Anonymous said...

I was thrilled to see your cards and read your blog....so, so true!
The most precious thing is that you are teaching your daughter about the importance of treating our earth with respect. What a difference it would make if her generation all grew up with these wonderful priorities!

Your "home" earth card is wonderful! We truly do need to remember and treat it like our homes!

I'm truly impressed with your card, but even more impressed with your creative ability ALREADY!!!
Thinking of "Queen Earth" is an idea that even the best designers seem to have overlooked! SO KEWL....way to go girl!!!!!


Rochelle W said...

What a great idea for you and Sophie to pick up the trash.
Great cards too Sophie!
Happy Earth Day.

asela said...

What great cards you two did! Way to go Sophie, I love it!