03 September 2007

A WiNgDoOdLe Day...

Yes... you read correctly... WiNgDoOdLe! *wink*

Many moons ago, I remembered reading in a back issue of the magazine The Rubber Stamper an advertisement for a rubber stamp store located in Warner, NH called WingDoodle. During our family vacation we decided to visit the Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum located in Warner, NH. Well, honey, if we're going to be in that area... couldn't we take a teenie weenie side trip?! *wink*

After visiting this quaint lil' stamp store... I gave my friend, Mare a ringy-dingy about BEEZ ink being a local stamp company here New Hampshire. Well, after checking our calendars... We both decided on Saturday; September 15th for a road trip to WingDoodle. Let's just say my partner in crime couldn't seem to wait that long! *wink*

After picking Mare up at our usual rendezvous point... Our trip up I89 was uneventful given that it's Hopkinton Fair and all the area colleges starting classes after Labor Day. We had a g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s afternoon for traveling.

Upon our arrival to WingDoodle, we were warmly greeted by Chris, the store manager and Kay, the store proprietor. Chris and Kay were so kind with helping to familiarize us with products they carried, not to mention chit-chatting as if Mare and I were old friends. *sending Chris and Kay a big hello* Sandy, Kay's daughter is the creative director for BEEZ ink rubber stamps. However, Sandy was away on a family vacation. I so hope to meet Sandy on my next adventure to Warner. *wink*

Wingdoodle carries a wonderful variety of stamps like Anachronistic Castle, Claudia Rose, Eat Cake, Penny Black, Rubber Soul, Stampotique not to mention home to BEEZ ink! Never mind a slue of supplies for polymer clay enthusiats, altered art, punch art... you name it and they carry it! *wink*

I think you get the "picture!" *wink* The front of the store is dedicated to wonderful, fun and whimsical gifts you'd be hardpressed to find anywhere else; for your children or youngsters at heart! When in the area of Warner, NH... it's a definite MUST on your list of to-do's! The quaint little town of Warner definitely boasts a day of fun between the Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum, New Hampshire Telephone Museum , wonderful old architecture and sites I may have missed along the way! *wink* Our families already planning our next trip to Warner for the telephone museum tour and a wee bit of lunch!

Between my first visit a week ago and our visit this weekend. I learned Mare had been in contact with Sandy of BEEZ ink regarding becoming a design team member. Sandy offered to ship Mare some rubber for designing card samples along with a dt position... Mare's going to be rolling in the rubbah!!! *wink* Wishing you all the best in your new venture my friend. *hugs*

Upon your arrival... til' your departure from the little town of Warner, New Hampshire... this is how you'll appear to others after your visit to WiNgDoOdLe'S! *LOL (Photo below)*

I look forward to sharing something stamped with you tomorrow.

Today our family is off to the Hopkinton Fair for the last bit of fun summer has to offer! Enjoy a safe Labor Day with your families.

I look forward to our next visit. Until then...


tami said...

you are a riot. I've been to that cool shop with Sami. I'm so excited for Mary. That's aweome. Anne, you surely know how to write a mean post with lots of great humor and photos. I hope you and your family are having fun at the fair.

Kristina Lewis said...

I love this post!! All the stores in Minnesota seem to be closing! NH seems to be where it is at! :)! I am so stamping with you and Mary someday! I love the photo at the end! Have a wonderful day! ((hugs))!

Rhiannon said...

Sounds like too much fun! I am soo looking you up when we finally make our way allll the way out there :) Take care!!

Jules said...

I live in Montana, so sad. You are so funny. That baby was really cute. I wish, I lived closer *wink*. LOL, what a neat place. I bet you had fun! Did you spend a lot of moola.

mimihas5 said...

Love the post Anne. I really did have a lot of fun on Saturday. Love the picture of the baby. Your right though that is the look that most women will have after visiting WingDoodle. :)


mimihas5 said...

PS. Just me. I have not been accepted to the Beez Ink desugn Team. Sandy and I have discussed it but nothing has been stated that I was in fact on the teasm. Thanks for the good thoughts though. :)

Talk to you on Tuesday.


Stamper Gail said...

Wow Anne, yet another wonderful sounding adventure. You and mary ought to write a book about all the little adventures you've been taking. I'm sure you'll have a lot of buyers!

Hey, by the way, I just got an email from CHF with the names of the new Design Team members. Congratulations to you too. As I told Mary, even though my leg is out of commission, I'm still doing a bit of a happy dance for the both of you! You gals are going to have a great time designing together.

bensarmom said...

What a fun road trip. Did you say how much it cost you to go to this place 2 times? I'm wondering if it was easier to spend money the second time when your hubby wasn't around?