15 January 2008


Nope... wrong kind of "tonic!"

Tonic Studios Border System was this years gift pick from our Local Stamp Store for a couple of stampity friends on my Christmas list.

The alure?

1. Little effort or exertion is required.

2. Allows crafters to accurately create perfectly patterned edges. Great for cardmaking or scrapbooking!

3. Exceptional value for your DOLLAR... never mind the ability to ADD-ON to this item for any gift giving season!

To ORDER this item, simply click-on the link provided to call Liz or Bette. Their always willing to SHIP anywhere within the USA! Did you know that thee T!M HOLTZ recommends TONIC products?

Samples to follow this post shortly...

Impress the "punch" out of your Valentine! Shopping... the other great sport!
I look forward to our next visit. Until then...


Keri Lee Sereika said...

samples samples samples!!! Do you have any samples using this??? ;)

MEG BEE said...

This looks very interesting... Might be something I can't live without!