01 January 2009

{ 2009 - 1st Day }

2009 - January - 1st

... with a New Year comes NEW experiences
traditionally our family's holidays are spent together over a meal.
breaking with tradition...
we're taking Sophie and her friend, Sarah off to a matinee of
The Tale of Despereaux
... wondering how the movie will critique over the book...
on our drive home!

--- our last day of 2008 was spent with NEW experiences as well ---

31st - December - 2008

... Our family decided to break with the tradition of Chinese take-out this year!
a NEW experience of dining on a variety of NEW appetizers
consisted of ...
mini sloppy-joe sliders
loaded sweet potato skins
spinach - artichoke dip w/ veggies
Crockpot mini meatballs
{ from scratch }

followed by the movies...
{ agreedily, CUTE... but not PIXAR'S best }
- and -
The Bucket List
{ PHENOM... a post to follow }
... bringing us into the New Year
Sophie's FIRST new experience of staying AWAKE...
12 minutes after MIDNITE to see the going and coming of a year!!!


Lorie said...

Good to see you Anne! Happy New Year!

bensarmom said...

Happy New Year Anne.......love the new traditions.

Kimberly Gajewski said...

Happy New Year Anne! We had a few new traditions this year too! One being that we were finally able to get Chinese food for dinner this year...lol! Talk to you soon, hopefully! :D

Lisa's Blessed A Latte said...

Hi Sweet Friend....

Happy New year to you!!!!