07 January 2007

"Clearly Impressive" Stamp Sampler...

$33.00 - 1 year/6 issues
$62.95 - 2 years/12 issues
$91.95 - 3 years/18 issues

This year marked my subscription renewal with Stamper Sampler. Generally I take a one year subscription. However... I was "Clearly Impressed" with the offer of a FREE limited edition set of acrylic stamps by artists Christine Adolph, Julie Van Oosten, & Michelle Ward. Not to mention a savings of twenty dollars and forty-five cents with a two year subscription. This deal couldn't be sweeter... unless your husband's as wonderful as mine. *wink*

Take a peek over at Stampington & Company. Enjoy your visit!

1 comment:

asela said...

Ohhhhhhh these are gorgeous stamps! Thanks for sharing them with us