14 January 2007


Our forecaster was telling us to brace ourselves for a good 8 inches of snow by Monday; Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Once again... it appears that it's going to be a wintery mix that's going to create some seriously bad traveling for folks. We might only see three inches by tomorrow. Safe travels everyone. I guess we won't be needing our shovels afterall...

I look forward to our next visit. Until then...

Update as of 1/16... We didn't reach the estimated 8 inches as forecasted. We experienced a severe wintery mix throughout our day making the roads rather messy for traveling. As of 5 AM this morning we are expecting windchill factor to reach 30 below zero. The southern part of New Hampshire experienced an ice storm that left upwards of 24,000 people without electricity... as the old saying goes... "Wait five minutes and the New England weather will change!" Stay safe and here's to the return of power soon. I'll take snow any day over ice!

*If anyone out there in bloggyland knows how to remove these borders around my smileys I'd sure appreciate the help... thanks!*


Melanie said...

Hmmmm, I for one don't mind putting the shovel on the porch! I'd much rather be shoveling (or asking the boys to do it)rather then slipping and sliding on the icey steps & walkway from freezing rain! I'm not giving up hope yet... we still have all of Monday and Monday night to get the snow accumulations promised to us... we'll have to wait and see!! :)
Hi Lynette, I agree with you... I like it too! :) Have a good week!!
Love Ya, ME

Lynette said...


Super cards - ALL of them! I love your work. Great blog, too - nice job! My favorite card so far is the elephant one with the Happy Birthday Cuttlebug background.

Hello back at you, Melanie! I'm glad we're in agreement. :-) Enjoy your snow. We got some, too.


asela said...

Hope you're warm and toasty now. We actually got freeze damage here in So Cal!Brrrrrr...

Rachel said...
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Rachel said...

About the boxes around your smileys and other photos:
In your template, scroll down to Posts. Underneath Posts, yours probably looks something like this:
.post img {
padding: 2px
border: 1px solid #000000

Just change the numbers to zero before the px like this:
.post img {
padding: 0px
border: 0px solid #000000
Note: This will make all of your post photos in your entire blog borderless.
Blogger forum is helpful in more detailed info, if my directions seem unclear. :o)