16 July 2007

Friendly Game of Tag...

I was tagged earlier by my friend Sue of Trusting In The Lord For All Things and again by another blogging friend... Elizabeth of My Paper Trails. I met Sue through the SCS RAK group and Elizabeth started leaving comments on my blog... the rest as they would say is history! *wink*

It's my understanding that I'm suppose to post 7 random things about myself...

1. My greatest supporters are my husband and daughter when it comes to rubber stamping.

2. I'm a private perfectionist with an analytical mind who doesn't see myself as others do.

3. I look forward and enjoy yardsales.

4. I don't accept compliments well; when complimented by others.

5. Stamping is my addiction... a costly one at times.

6. Writing of any kind has always been a challenge for me.

7. Always find myself wishing for more TIME!

Consider yourself "tagged" if your reading this and would like to play along on your own blog! Please be sure to post me a link so I can enjoy what you've chosen to share about yourself with the rest of Bloggyland. *wink*

Thank-you to both Sue and Elizabeth for inviting me to play a game of tag. If you've not visited either of these wonderfully talented ladies... simply click-on their blog links provided within this post. If you'd like to learn 7 random things about these friends of mine... then click-on their names! *wink*

I look forward to our next visit. Until then...


Joanne Davis said...

Thanks for sharing those things about yourself, Anne! It helps us all know you a little better! It as also wonderful to know that your hubby and daughter are your biggest cheerleaders....we all need a close support system!!!! Hugs to them for loving you so much!

Elizabeth Royalty said...

sorry i'm a little behind, Anne (had a sick one this week and found myself falling behind on all sorts of things! LOL!)

thanks for sharing these tidbits about yourself.. made me smile!