24 July 2007

A Muse News...

Yesterday I went to pick-up the mail and look at what was hiding within all the usual gar-ba-ge! *wink*

A Muse announcing the arrival of the new Fall and Holiday

84 New Images

4 New Notecards

8 New SHEER Ribbons

Now for the good part?! Are you listening... do I have your attention yet? Okay, here's the scoop FREE Shipping on all orders over $50! Effective now through August 15th! This offer won't last! Where are you going? I'm not finished... you'd think there was a stamp sale somewhere! *shakes head*

For those few remaining. New Hampshire has a special guest visitor! I don't think I can spill the beans just yet... so here's a teenie weenie clue! It involves my friend Mare and I on another one of our adventures! *wink*

I wish I could stay and chat. However... I need to write out my wishlist of new A Muse items. I wish I had more m$ney is at the top of that list! *smile*

I look forward to our next visit. Until then...

Notecard photo credits to Tracy of Eat, Sleep, Stamp and Ribbon photo credits to Kristina of Balance


Elizabeth Royalty said...

oooooo... I wish I had one of those eye-candies in the mail!!


here's to adventures!! can't wait to hear all about it!

lorrietori said...

I love your blog and have nominated you for the Rockin Girl Blogger award! Please visit my blog for details! Thanks ~Lorrie

Joanne said...

You TRULY know your "stampers"!!!!
We are Wile E Coyote and "Sale" is the Road Runner.....all that's left is a blot of INK...grin!
Thanks for sharing the info with us & have a GREAT adventure!!!