04 February 2009

{ Fifty-two ? }

Emily's 52Q mini art journal challenge for 2009 is based on a single question {Emily's choice} posted each week for 52 weeks. Every week { Sunday -or- Monday } a new { ? } will be posted... our challenge is to { artfully } journal the { ? } of the week.

Emily opted to use manila shipping tags { found at office supply stores }, writing her { ? } on the front and journaling on the back. Love the manila tags idea... HOWEVER due to economic times choices were made from the bounty of items on hand -or- repurposed items.

It's NEVER to late to join the fun!
s-m-a-l-l isn't as OVERWHELMING combined with the K-I-S-S technique...

Off to play a bit of catch-up with weeks 1 & 2 { ? }

Today was meant for enjoying your hearts desire! Millan.net

Repurposed cardboard box insert used in creating front & back covers.

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Lynette said...

Welcome back, Anne!!! How did it feel to "create?"