25 February 2009

{ With A Happy Heart }

... I've always created { dd } Sophie's Valentines. Generic... store bought... for our daughter - NO WAY, I respond to others. Deprave myself of the insane last minute-ness
of Sophie's decision to reciprocate { past 2 years } the evening prior!

Valentine's morning saw us scurrying to the local post office to mail a handmade surprise or two
... my "internet" friend from MN { shock probably set in - wink }
and a couple for people alone. Our big hearted girl, Sophie felt badly these
individuals might not be remembered.

Twenty-two mini versions { no paper piercing } of the above card were created for fifth grade...
along with carrot cake - pink cream cheese frosted hearts and cookies...
{ sorry for the missed photo opt - no freakin' me out time }
Well worth every minute...
Sophie's classmates voted them their best or favorite Valentine received { two happy hearts - her's and mine }!

Even though sixth grade brings an end to class parties...
we've discussed ideas for our happy heart day { 2010 }


{ kindness kindles hearts }


Lynette Neus said...

Yep - that card is still sitting on my dining room hutch! Thanks so much, Anne. And thanks for the little surprise for Lexi. I'm sorry she is such a particular cat and doesn't even want to play with it!

michelle5959 said...

I loved this!! I wish I would take the time and energy to do crafty little things like this but I'm the friend that hasn't been able to complete the little "mini" yet either LOL! I know you still love me though :)

Lisa's Blessed A Latte said...

Sweet....Simply Sweet!!!! Always inspiring Anne.