06 May 2007

Adventurous Day In The City...

There was a write up in the Union Leader about a traveling Dinosaurs exhibit at the SEE Science Center. Our daughter, Sophie has always had a love for dinosaurs from a young age. Who could think of a better rainy day activity during school vacation?! *wink* So Friday AM we set off for the Amoskeag Millyard! Upon arrival we enjoyed the old architecture of the mill building inside and out. Our lil' adventure started with the Dinosaurs exhibit, which held such dinosaurs as the Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Phterodons... just to name a few!

It's not always easy for a non-professional photographer to catch the perfect photo on camera. Especially when you have so many people. So without further a do... here's a few photos for your viewing enjoyment! *wink*

My hubby, the "eldest" child!

Sophie's all time favorite... the Ankylosaurus!

All of the dinosaurs on exhibit contained an animated skeleton. This is one that the children could manipulate using a control panel.

Mock archeological dig, metal plate rubbings, educational movie, etc...

Off to the next level for some "hands" on science, mechanical puzzles and the World's largest permanent LEGO exhibit of the Amoskeag Millyard installation on a minifigure scale! All I can say is... AWESOME!!! This LEGO set-up of Amoskeag Millyard from 1915 was built using approx. 3 million bricks! Approximately 8,000 minifigures! It took more than '10,000' person hrs. to complete! All of the lego bricks used, once were available in sets to the public. Another fun fact... If all the LEGO bricks used in this project were lined up end to end, they would reach from the SEE Science Center to the Museum of Science in Boston and back! Absolutely mind boggling! Photos snapped just don't do this as much justice as in person. *wink*

Without further a do... A blip into the second leg of our adventure!

Amoskeag Millyard lego project photo snapped from "stairs!"

Amoskeag Millyard 'train' yard. Operating train with camera displaying the 'inner' set-up on a monitor for viewers!

Note the back of the trolley... this was operating throughout the display!

What millyard wouldn't be complete without it's own river?

A mock version of the real inside of the 'textile' mill!

The LEGO Amoskeag Millyard contained it's own carnival, church, farmlife with garden, lamp lit bridge, clock tower, etc... If you'd like to learn more then click here. If you'd like to see more... then you will need to take a little trip. *wink* This is a wonderful day trip for the family that still allowed us to do a sit down restaurant for lunch, trip to AC Moore's and some ice cream all before calling it a day! We sure hope you enjoyed your blip into our day?!

What can we say... other than it was a real 'hair raising' adventure *wink* Click on any of the photos to enlarge for details.

I look forward to our next visit. Until then...


Michelle D. said...

What a super fun family day you all had together!! I LOVED seeing pictures that included your two sweeties - big and little Ü. Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful week ahead. Blessings,

Melanie said...

HURRAY!! I've been waiting to see these pictures!! Looks like you guys had a blast together!! HURRAY FOR FAMILY DAY!! :) Hugs to all 3 of you sweeties!

Love ya, Mel.

Lynette said...

Thanks for sharing the photos from your Family Day. Looks like a great time!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures! Connor went there on Thursday and I was curious what he got to see. You know how "crazy" he is about dino's! Looks like you had a great time too! He also went to the damn and saw the fishladders and fish too!

Love, Shelly

Joanne said...

The photos you took are WONDERFUL....I felt like a had a tour myself! Thanks for sharing this with us!