23 May 2007

A Shop Until We Drop Experience...

After waiting patiently a whole year... it was off to another Creating Keepsakes Convention in Manchester. Mary met me in Capital City at our agreed rendezvous point, from there I drove to Manchester's Radisson Convention Center.
We arrived early at the convention to find out that the parking garage was full. We had to find another parking garage within the city walking distance. Let's just say that I was slightly irritated, but got over it when we found another parking garage with an attendant.

Being Mary's first visit to the convention... I steered her towards her current addiction of A Muse stamps at Ink About It's booth. Let's just say that Mary did the most damage to her wallet at Lori's booth, not once, but twice in one day! By the looks of my photo, I'd say that my wallet was crying "uncle" too!
* wink* While Mary was shopping I enjoyed chatting with Lori, owner of Ink About It. It appears as though we're in for another road trip to Westford, MA before snow flies again! I think we better start saving now Mary! *wink*

The lovely Jenn Shurkus of {creative chick} was over seeing a free make & take at the Ink About It booth from 1:00 - 4:00 PM! I enjoy Jenn's blog where she share's her everyday happenings, family and friends... not to mention her stamping talents! Jenn's a geniune delight... just look at her cute self with her A Muse-A-Poolza Tee! I wish Mary could've joined us in conversation, however she was slightly busy with her second round of shopping for A Muse schtuff! *wink* I'm SO not photogenic! I'm trying out my new look, do you like it? I literally had the majority of my braces removed after seven years the day before convention. Thus the reason for the ridiculous smile... I forgot how to smile, so bear with me! *wink* I shouldn't be answering photographer's questions during photo opt... sorry for the horrid photo, but Jenn and Mary are looking great! Jenn's friend Melissa of {highly entertaining} was the official parking meter feeder for the day... so we didn't get her cute self into our lil' photo opt! *insert sad face* A wave goes out to Jenn and Melissa. Sorry to say we didn't have all day to stalk "near famous" stamping celebrities... when there was major shopping to be done! *wink*

You'll notice that I scored myself a new BIGZ Sizzix letter S die along with a Sizzix Texturz - Starter Kit for embossing with brass stencils from companies like Dreamweaver and Lasting Impressions. You'll note the delicious ribbons, jar of teensy weensy Primas, Junkitz 6 X 6 pad of supah cute papers! It's not as though I needed any of these things... shhh... don't tell anyone I said that... especially my hubby! *wink*

The gorgeous Daisy Cow was purchased after much debate from a new company Purple Daisy Designs of Pennsylvania. This company is owned and operated by two very lovely Mennonite mother and daughter team! I wish I could remember their names... I've already poured over the catalog from cover to cover and made out my first order to call in! *wink* I'll need to see if Mary is ready to place an order with me... she forgot to return for her dragonfly with matching paper punch! *grin* I truly hope that Purple Daisy Designs reconsiders coming to the CK Convention next year... we're closer than Missouri! *wink* No offense.

I didn't get a chance to photograph my fifty dollars of SEI, Basic Grey... just to name a few of the sheets of paper Mary enabled me into! Mary forced me into places like Embellish It! (first photo on Mary's convention post), SEI, Rusty Pickle that were loaded with scrumcious paper! Not a place to take a paper addict, which Mary insists that I am... a paper addict that is! *ROFLOL* I only purchased 6 of each paper design?! You be the judge!

There were so many glitzy things to see that it boggled the brain! I couldn't leave without enjoying an apple green ribbon-licious smoothie and conversation with the wonderful proprietor of this booth. I can't remember her name or company, however they hailed from North Carolina!

After seven hours of seeing everything there was to see. Mary and I took a few photo opts of our own, which you can see here. Mary had lots more bags than me?! We thought we'd make it look good for our blog viewers if I took her bags too! *grin* We decided that we couldn't come this far and not take a trip AC Moore and Michael's, where we scored more ribbon, stamps and punches! *Yikes*

What a FUN-TASTIC day we had shopping together! What do you say Mary, want to go together again next year?! *wink* We already have a shopping spree planned for June, so stay-tuned ladies to hear of our next adventures!

I look forward to our next visit. Until then...


mimihas5 said...

Hi Anne,

I really enjoyed reading your description of our day at the convention. It made me chuckle a few times. I *knew* that you would do a better write up about our day then I did. I have been anxiously waiting for you to blog about the convention. I certainly do want to go back to the convention next year. I had so much fun. :) Your pictures came out very well Anne. Despite what you think, I love the picture of you smiling.


Rochelle W said...

Sure looks like you both had a great time. And you bought a lot of cool stuff. Can't wait to see what you make.

Joanne said...

This was a really fun way to share with us who have never gone to one.
Anne, you make your posts so interesting....amd thanks for sharing the photos of your new "toys".....LOL