09 June 2007

Challenging Chihuahua...

Talk about "challenges..." Life seems to be full them... don't you think?! *wink*

It's been really busy around here lately with chaperoning field trips, spring concerts, award ceremonies, Father's Day luncheons with the close of another school year?! *shakes head*

Third grade was a "challenge" in many ways this year. It's an awakening to us as parents that our children are truly growing and blossoming into something other than a young child. Introduction of more homework, tougher topics and change of emotions to name a mere few. Even though we will ALWAYS consider our children our "babies" no matter how old they become!

A "challenge" I faced was... after being room mother the past two years, not to mention a regular volunteer at our daughter's school in years prior... I was going to take a sabatical from being room mother this coming fall. Well, lets just say that Mrs. S cornered me with the help of Mrs. B... all I remember is Mrs. S walking off to her meeting letting me know that she would be looking forward to having me as room mother next fall! *deer caught in headlights moment* OMGosh... what just happened!!! Well, when I explained to my hubby, as best I could what transpired that afternoon?! Dave gave me a hug and told me that I better resign to being room mother for the next five years! Long story, short... this is a mere blip of some "challenges" I've been faced with lately... besides not having enough time to stamp! *wink*

During Sophie's April vacation we scored two of these cute Pocket Pet Chihuahua wood mounts by Rubber Stampede. We decided on another friendly mother and daughter card-off! Sophie finished her card timely with some guidance and instruction on "measure twice and cut once!" *wink* I must admit that I did fall behind a bit and our darling daughter would occassionally inquire "How's your Chihuahua card coming along Mom?!" *wink* Well... I had made a decision on my color combination, layout and accessories... I just lacked time, SO what's new!

Sophie has an artistic eye... not to mention that she's very creative! After choosing her patterned paper, Sophie chose her other colors and embellishments accordingly. Then choosing Karen Foster "casual" snap stamps for her sentiment... CUTE!

I look forward to more years of Sophie and myself stamping together! I just hope that I'll be able to actually stamp! *wink* Now to light the fire under her to get her Father's Day cards designed and ready. *wink*

I look forward to our next visit. Until then...


Lynette said...

Great cards, Anne and Sophie! But, Sophie, your mom didn't say which was your card and which was hers. Oh, I guess yours is the one with the patterned paper and sentiment - very nicely done! Keep up the good work. And congrats on another school year just about completed!

I'm gald your Chihuahua card is finished, Anne. Superb job!


I'm Lisa said...

Love your Chihuahua card....We have a 10 yr old Chihuahua, who is failing fast....I am just now in the contemplating stage about the humane thing to do....I've had him longer then I've had kids....Tell Sophie she is one talented girl.


mimihas5 said...

Sophie, I love your card! You are *very* artisitic. I really like that you stamped flowers for your background.The green brad that you place on the purse really finished off your card nicely.

Anne, I never would have thought to use the colors that you did on your card. I like them very much and will be using those colors as soon as possible.Using the stud brads on the bottom of your card to match the little studded collar on the Chihauha was an awesome idea. Thanks ladies for sharing your cards with us.


Elizabeth Royalty said...

Like mother, like daughter, I guess... both cards are just awesome! Love the scalloped tent-topper, Anne. And, Sophie, you did an A-1-Amazing job. Very nice coordinating colors, and the perfect sentiment! Hope my son will still be stamping with me when he gets older (we'll see....)

Rochelle W said...

I love both of your cards. What a cute stamp too. Great job Sophie and Anne!!