03 June 2007

Cardmaker's Calendar

14th Flag Day
More formerly known as National Flag Day.
This day commerates the adoption of the flag of the
United States of America!
A great day to send a veteran or current service person
a Patrotic card of support!

17th Father's Day
Most of us have doting grandfathers, uncles or close friends
who've inspired or guided our lives. Why not take the opportunity
to wish someone close to us a Happy Father's Day!
A handcrafted card will convey to that special someone their
meaningful place in your life!

21st Summer Solstice
Better known as the First Day of Summer.
Some people feel that summer begins Memorial Day; or
when the kids are out of school. Astronomically speaking,
however, the first day of summer falls on June 21st during the Summer Solstice
when the Earth's axis tilts most towards the sun,
creating the longest period of daylight all year.
Take advantage of the longer evening of daylight by inviting
your stamping friends for a Solstice Stamp Fest!
Serve summery drinks, burgers on the grill and set-up some tables for stamping.

Here's to a wonderful summer.... CHEERS!

Ideas from INKAnews

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