17 November 2008

{ Daybook 3 }

For Today...
17 - November - '08
34.5 degrees out
windy - Brrr...

Outside my window...
one can see silhouettes of towering
trees at the forest edge against a dark gray skyline.

I am thinking...
of the turbulant times that lay before us all
during these economic times.
... continually pray for our fellow man.

I am thankful for...
... the GOD given ability to feel...
whether it be physical or emotional.

From the kitchen...
the lingering smell of a Sunday dinner of
roast turkey with the fixins'
potato with gravy
- and -
dill carrots

I am wearing...
... usual pair of LL Bean jeans
ls black tee
seedlin' green zippered fleece
happy sox
seedlin' green clogs
wedding rings
time piece
vintage gold charm bracelet
precious gold oval hoops
pancake pearls
- and -
a hint of Haiku

I am creating...
a niche for a wee bit of creating
Christmas is coming.

I am going...
to be a bit ragged with the rigorous work
schedule before me this week.
it's all good.

I am hearing...
the filtration of the 72 gallon bowfront
fish aquarium
from the living room.

I am hoping...
the snow will continue to hold off for another week
... maybe two.

Around the house...
dh is busily preparing for an earlier start to
his work day...
furnace just kicked on.

One of my favorite things...
is curling up on the sofa under a cozy quilt
my fur baby... Mox in tow
a good hot cuppa hazelnet to
whilst settling in to view an olde
Christmas classic such as
It's a Wonderful Life
- or -
A Christmas Carol
based on the original story by
Charles Dickens

A few plans for the rest of the week...
plans to don a few different caps
Chef's hat...
creating a homemade turkey soup with leftovers.
Gopher hat...
drop a couple of forgotten sweaters at the dry cleaners
Salesman cap...
school raffle tickets
... and spaghetti dinner open house
Taxi cap...
transporting a child between afterschool
art... chorus & band
I think you get the gest of things.
{ smile }

... last, but not least...

a picture to share

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Kimberly Gajewski said...

Hello my Friend! It's so good to "see" you! I feel a telephone call coming on! Can you fit one into that busy schedule of yours? I hope to chat with you soon! Hugs! :D