01 November 2008

Cardmaker's Calendar

4th - Election Day
Stand up and make a difference!
If you don't vote, you can't complain!

11th - Armistice Day
... or better known as Veteran's Day to Americans.
A handmade thank-you card to a Veteran
acknowledging our freedoms is a nice
gesture that we've not forgotten their sacrifices for our country.

13th - World Kindness Day
Could this lead to global PEACE?!

17th - World P-E-A-C-E Day
Begins with us extending ourselves to our fellow man.
Hopeful to see a global PEACE in my lifetime.

27th - Thanksgiving Day
What better expression of gratitude to those who
enrich our daily lives...
than with a stamped creation expressing our thanks.

28th - Black Friday
Whilest some complete Christmas shopping...
others will be trimming the tree or finishing up Christmas Greetings for mailing.

Ideas from INKAnews

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