27 November 2008

{ Autumn Harvest }

In 1621
Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians
shared an autumn harvest feast known as the first Thanksgiving

A time of reflecting on the blessings we're so THANKFUL ...

... From our home to yours
a Thanksgiving Day
filled with blessings and love ...

17 November 2008

{ Daybook 3 }

For Today...
17 - November - '08
34.5 degrees out
windy - Brrr...

Outside my window...
one can see silhouettes of towering
trees at the forest edge against a dark gray skyline.

I am thinking...
of the turbulant times that lay before us all
during these economic times.
... continually pray for our fellow man.

I am thankful for...
... the GOD given ability to feel...
whether it be physical or emotional.

From the kitchen...
the lingering smell of a Sunday dinner of
roast turkey with the fixins'
potato with gravy
- and -
dill carrots

I am wearing...
... usual pair of LL Bean jeans
ls black tee
seedlin' green zippered fleece
happy sox
seedlin' green clogs
wedding rings
time piece
vintage gold charm bracelet
precious gold oval hoops
pancake pearls
- and -
a hint of Haiku

I am creating...
a niche for a wee bit of creating
Christmas is coming.

I am going...
to be a bit ragged with the rigorous work
schedule before me this week.
it's all good.

I am hearing...
the filtration of the 72 gallon bowfront
fish aquarium
from the living room.

I am hoping...
the snow will continue to hold off for another week
... maybe two.

Around the house...
dh is busily preparing for an earlier start to
his work day...
furnace just kicked on.

One of my favorite things...
is curling up on the sofa under a cozy quilt
my fur baby... Mox in tow
a good hot cuppa hazelnet to
whilst settling in to view an olde
Christmas classic such as
It's a Wonderful Life
- or -
A Christmas Carol
based on the original story by
Charles Dickens

A few plans for the rest of the week...
plans to don a few different caps
Chef's hat...
creating a homemade turkey soup with leftovers.
Gopher hat...
drop a couple of forgotten sweaters at the dry cleaners
Salesman cap...
school raffle tickets
... and spaghetti dinner open house
Taxi cap...
transporting a child between afterschool
art... chorus & band
I think you get the gest of things.
{ smile }

... last, but not least...

a picture to share

16 November 2008

Hope is the thing
with feathers
that perches in the soul
and sings the tune
without the words
and never stops at all.

- Emily Dickinson

11 November 2008

{ 11 + 11 + 11 = }

Armistice Day...

went into effect the
eleventh hour on the eleventh day of the eleventh month
in 1918.

...not until 1926 did November 11th
actually become known as a holiday in the United States.

June 1st of 1954...
the name was changed to Veterans Day
to honor all United States veterans.

To all who've served this Great Nation...
Thank-you for an extraordinary job, well done.
Happy Armistice Day Bloggyland.

Photo found here

10 November 2008

{ Daybook 2 }

For Today...
10 - November - '08

Outside my window...
...pitch blackness

I am thinking...
...keeping my faith Dad's procedure will go well this AM.
PLEASE don't let a moose cross our path...
as we'll never see him this early
in the morning.

I am thankful for...
... for GOD blessing me with a devoted,
supportive husband that can always
make me laugh even when I'm least deserving.
Thank-you both!

From the kitchen...
... smells of freshly brewed hazelnut coffee.

I am wearing...
... pair of LL Bean jeans
olive green cable v-neck sweater
leather coat
pair of wooden chestnut clogs
wedding rings
precious gold oval hoops
vintage gold charm bracelet...

I am creating...
... a handwritten list for handmade Christmas gifts with
a bunch of items...
currently qualifying as an organized

I am going...
... to bed extra early...

I am hearing...
... the coffee maker...

I am hoping...
... to blog something, anything for my
Bloggyland friends this week.

Around the house...
... a peaceful quiet.

One of my favorite things...
... having a few quiet moments with a fresh cuppa
and Bloggyland friends... while the house continues it's slumber
accompanied by my ever faithful companion
... Moxie.

A few plans for the rest of the week...
... catching up on much needed slumber,
accomplishing tasks on an ever growing todo list
creating a birthday & thank-you card

... last, but not least...

a picture to share

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03 November 2008

{ 1st Daybook Entry }

For Today...
03 - November -'08

Outside my window...
Fallen leaves reflect the warm glow of a nearby
street lamp over the ground...
reverberating solitude.

I am thinking...
I've been away for such a long period of time
here in Bloggyland...
where does one begin to share again?!

From the kitchen...
The smell of freshly brewed chocolate cappuccino
... help yourself.

I am wearing...
jeans, ls brown tee layered with a seedling fleece,
soxs and seedling clogs.

I am creating...
Nothing at this very moment...
Hope to accomplish a card design using a new
paper punch that will be delivered by
week's end or sooner.

I am going...
to strive to be productive in my accomplishments...
like I did in my twenties
... at least this week.

I am hearing...
Someone getting an early start to their day.

I am hoping...
To make headway on the v-a-s-t project that lay
before me today!

Around the house...
A load of clothes to be folded, one for the dryer and another
to be thrown in...

One of my favorite things...
vibrant hues of color, smell of hardwood smoke curling from a chimney,
good smells... such as apple and pumkin from the oven,
rustling of fallen leaves, warmth of a favorite sweater,
another Halloween & Thanksgiving celebration
... yet the passing of another season.

A few plans for the rest of the week...
Amongst the usual daily rigors...
continued success with weeding and re-organizing
the vast accumulation of clutter thrust out of
no where...

...last, but not least...

a picture to share

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01 November 2008

{ Remember... }

to turn your time-piece back an hour...
as daylight savings falls with October's passing.
Cardmaker's Calendar

4th - Election Day
Stand up and make a difference!
If you don't vote, you can't complain!

11th - Armistice Day
... or better known as Veteran's Day to Americans.
A handmade thank-you card to a Veteran
acknowledging our freedoms is a nice
gesture that we've not forgotten their sacrifices for our country.

13th - World Kindness Day
Could this lead to global PEACE?!

17th - World P-E-A-C-E Day
Begins with us extending ourselves to our fellow man.
Hopeful to see a global PEACE in my lifetime.

27th - Thanksgiving Day
What better expression of gratitude to those who
enrich our daily lives...
than with a stamped creation expressing our thanks.

28th - Black Friday
Whilest some complete Christmas shopping...
others will be trimming the tree or finishing up Christmas Greetings for mailing.

Ideas from INKAnews