16 August 2007

ATC Recruits Needed...

Christmas ATC Swap CLOSED!!!!

Looking for a few good stamper's to recruit for a Christmas ATC Swap I'm hosting...

Any volunteers willing to sign-up or do we need to draft you stampers?! *wink*

You will receive back 10 to 12 ATC's... one of these being your own. I encourage all participants to make a dozen ATC's to safely ensure upwards, but not to exceed twelve members participating in our swap. *wink*

ATC requirements:

1. Size: 2 1/2 X 3 1/2 inches with two or more layers.

2. Embellishments: no less than one and upwards of three.
(ex: ribbon, rhinestone, eyelets, clips, etc...) If using "torn" paper as an embellishment... You will be required to use an additional embellishment.

3. Stamps: ANY rubber stamp vendor, but Christmas related.

4. Please sign and number each of your ATC's. Adding a blog or dating (optional), however not required.

Mail requirements:

1. Print or write out a label with your full name, Christmas ATC swap and qty. enclosed. Affix label using a clear packaging tape to a sandwich sized Ziploc baggie. This will protect your ATC's from the elements.

2. Clearly label a regular manilla or bubbled mailer with your own mailing address as the recipient and my address (provided in a private e-mail once you've joined) as the sender. When adding postage to your package DO NOT use any metered strips... only regular postage stamps adhered to your mailer please. My postal carrier ALWAYS weighs my baggie of ATC's and return mailer, giving me a postage price and then ADDS the stamps to the mailer for me. *wink*

3. Absolute Deadline: All ATC's will need to be mailed by or on Tuesday; September 18th, 2007 in order for myself to receive them timely, swap and resend to all of you by no later than Tuesday; October 2nd, 2007. I must request that if you can not full fill this part of the obligation, then you might want to reconsider your commitment.

Resources: You can find an easy step-by-step tutorial ------> HERE... questions or concerns e-mail me (under contact) -------> HERE... or view examples (including my first) -----> HERE...

To join this swap, you must send me an e-mail (view my complete profile... click and to the left under contact). As confirmation that I received your e-mail, you will see your name listed below and I will e-mail you back with my address. I hope I covered everything! Let me know if you have any questions!

Group 1 Participants:

1. Anne Sanborn

2. Bette Moreau - Received 8/27

3. Mary Anderson

4. Elizabeth Royalty

5. Harriet Skelly

6. Tami Wood

7. Asela Hopkins - Received 9/10

8. Kristina Lewis - Received 9/14

9. Lynette Neus - Received 8/27

10. Rhiannon Christianson

11. Emily Montenaro - Received 9/6

12. Dana Seymour

Group 2 Participants:

1. Anne Sanborn

2. Lisa Banks

3. Michelle Buschur - Received 9/14

4. Angela Dasner - Received 9/15

5. Kristina Lewis - Received 9/14

6. Rhiannon Christianson

7. Sarah Bertolino

8. Cheri Mosgrove - Received 8/27

9. Kimberly Gajewski

10. Allison Filo - Received 9/6

11. Lynette Neus - Received 8/27

12. Tracy Clemente - Received 9/15

13. Bette Moreau - Received 8/27

Hurry... not many spaces left and we wouldn't want you to miss out on all the fun! If I don't here from you... you might just be receiving a draft notice via e-mail requesting your participation, so hop-to-it and sign-up!!! *wink*

It doesn't get any easier than this! DO NOT feel inadequate or decide against participating due to names posted. ALL of these incredibly wonderful ladies would agree that we've experienced many firsts, will and still do... so if this is your first time making an ATC... you go girl! *wink*

*Edited 08-16-07- Group 1 has been filled! *flabbergasted, speechless, overwhelmed* HOWEVER due to the overwhelming response... a Group 2 has been added, so h-u-r-r-y to get in on the fun! There will be no more groups added! *wink* I just couldn't bear to write the Dear, John letters! *smile*

**Edited 08-17-07- Sarah Bertolino of Suki's blog has just been added to Group 2. If my blogging friends wouldn't mind mentioning our Christmas ATC swap within a new post... it'd be much appreciated... we need FIVE more wonderful ladies!

***Edited 08-18-07 - Cheri Mosgrove and Kimberly Gajewski have both been added to Group 2 as of this evening. This will be Cheri's "first" ATC and I'm so honored that we're going to be the lucky recipients! *wink* Kimberly's from New England?! ONLY THREE more spaces... Do I hear_____ going once, going twice... sold to_____?! *wink* Hope to share something stamped tomorrow!

****Edited 08-18-07- Allison Filo of Stampin When I Can from Calgary, Alberta, CANADA is on board our Christmas ATC fun-ship... Welcome my friend! ONLY ONE more spaces... Will anyone be hollering B-I-N-G-O!

*****Edited 08-19-07- Tracy Clemente of Eat, Sleep, Stamp has joined in all our fun... so S-T-A-R-T your ATC's ladies and keep your eyes on the checkered flag! *wink*

*Edited 08-29-07 - Bette, Cheri & Lynette's wonderful "I Kandi" arrived Monday for our Christmas ATC Swap! I debated... HOWEVER, did you really think I'd hold out on NOT PEEKING?! Hello... *LOL*

I look forward to our next visit. Until then...

Recruitment poster of "Rosie the Riveter" from the 1940's.


Lynette said...


Put me down - I'll do it! Sounds like fun.


Kristina Lewis said...

Hello! This is going to be an amazing swap! What a list of swappers! You are the best for organizing list and I am so excited!! Thanks!!

Kristina Lewis said...

not list - this!! :)

mimihas5 said...

I look forward to doing this swap. I hope that no one feels intimidated in joining. It's only us. :)


tami said...

I wouldn't miss this swap for all the tea in China!!!!!!!! I invited a few of my friends so hopefully those last three spots will be filled within a day or two. I'm very excited ANNE. Your work is so nice.

Big hugs.

Rhiannon said...

Hi Anne! Was led or should I say dragged :) (just kidding Tami) by Tami...and of course I would LOVE to join you all :) sign me up!!

scoopy (Emily) said...

Tami let me know about it too... sign me up. Thanks!

Dana said...

I'd love to participate! I've been making ATCs for 3 years now, but I've never made a Christmas one. It's about time!

MEG BEE said...


Count Me in too!! I am excited to start Christmas projects!!

Michelle Buschur

Kristina Lewis said...

Let's make a baker's dozen so we can all swap!! What do you think Anne?

Cheri said...

It would be my very first ATC swap, but I'd love to join the fun!

Harriet said...

Anne, looks like it's going to be a great swap! Looking forward to it!

blogless in MN said...

Sarah B. will be joining too. I'm not sure if she sent you an e mail?

KimberlyG on SCS said...

Hello Anne! I just discovered your blog today! It's wonderful! I'd love to join your ATC swap. Thanks so much!

Allison said...

Okay, sign me up...I can't stand the pressure anymore!

tami said...

Hi Anne
I'm over at Kristina's now having a ball at the party. What a nice party. I miss you and Mary. Its been raining all day here in Mn. I miss my family. I hope you fill your second swap. I just invited Tracy so I hope she can do it. I think I better stick to just one group.

tw said...

please reserve spot 12 in group 2 for Tracy in California!!!!!! I sent you an E Anne.

Mummy misser in MN! said...

cool beans. full house Anne. I thank you for doing this Christmas swap well maybe I won't be saying that if I wait until the end to make my ATCs..oh that ugly deadline pressure. Have a super fun vacation Anne. I love how you maintain your blog. A+ on that one.

Later Annie!!!!!!

Your Mn friend!. said...

Hi anne.

I haven't even made mine but I have plenty of time. I'm so sorry about Lynette. Please don't HATE me for cancelling on her. I'm so busy with things and Scrapfest is next week. Yikes!

scoopy (Emily) said...

Mine went out in the mail to you yesterday! :)

scoopy (Emily) said...

Just poppin' in for an update on this swap?