02 August 2007

Cardmaker's Calendar

5th American Family Day
A great day to spend time together crafting - take out
your stamping paraphernalia and have fun! Working
together on a family project like a vacation
scrapbook will make the finished piece a more
cherished family heirloom!

5th Friendship Day
Do we really need a reason to send a
rubberstamped card to a friend?

10th S'mores Day
Appropriately placed in August... campfire primetime.
Origin of S'mores dates back to the 1920's.
It's believed that the recipe was first discovered by
the Girl Scouts! S'more folklore suggests that it got it's
name by the campfire... after eating one,
young children chanted "gimme some more!"

27th School's In Session
What better way to start the school year than with chocolate
and a handstamped note of encouragement...
for the teacher!

Ideas from INKAnews

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I'm Lisa said...

Wow...all these reasons to Celebrate....

Lisa B <><