24 March 2007

HaPpY cAkE n' CaNdLe DaY...


I'd like to invite all of Bloggyland to come and celebrate a couple of special ladies birthday's with me! The first lady is a blogging friend of mine Asela. I start most mornings off with a cup of coffee and Asela's blog... when I'm not experiencing computer software issues! *wink* The second lady is my friend Michelle D who I had the good fortune of meeting through SCS. These two ladies are not only incredibly talented, inspirational, kind and just beyond words... simply the bestest girlies anyone could have the honor of knowing even if it's via e-mails and snail mail!

I wish you both a day as special as yourselves! Here's hoping that you have a fun-filled day with your families doing whatever it maybe that you enjoy?!

In the meantime... have a piece of cake and enjoy the celebration!

I look forward to our next visit. Until then...


Michelle D. said...

Happy Birthday Asela!!

Anne, you are SO sweet to celebrate our special day here on your blog. Thank you! I had a really great day yesterday beginning with my 2 children excitedly showing me how they decorated the downstairs area with streamers, balloons, and even a pin the tail on the donkey. In the afternoon we drove down the coast to a really beautiful area where we walked down a wilderness like path that led to the beach, and then we enjoyed spending time in the tide pools there and going for a walk along the beach. We later had dinner at a wonderful restaurant and filled our tummies with yummy food and desert.

My children didn't get a chance yesterday to make me a cake, so they're working on it right now - tasting as they go along ;-).

Thank you again so much for your sweet birthday wishes.


asela said...

Anne aren't you the sweetest thing. I don't know what to say, but thank you and hugs. Big hugs to Michelle also.